Club Rules

  • One passenger is permitted during practice and timed runs
  • Valid Drivers License must be presented at registration
  • Helmets are required (Snell SA2010, FIA 8860-2010, SFI standards 31.1, 41.1, 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, 41.2A or newer). Loaners are available.
  • All cars must pass technical inspection.
  • Roll bars required in open cockpit cars.
  • Work Assignments will be given at the drivers meeting on Sunday. Drivers should expect to be at the track for their entire session in order to fulfill working assignments.


Passengers are permitted during practice. Passengers are not permitted to ride during actual competition runs. Passengers/instructors are permitted only if the following requirements are met:

  1. The vehicle must be properly equipped to carry a passenger.
  2. The vehicle must have passed technical inspection.
  3. The passenger/instructor must wear a seat belt and helmet.
  4. The passenger/instructor must not be another competitor.
  5. Exceptions shall be made at the discretion of the competition director.

Roll Bar Clarification

Roll bars shall meet current SCCA Solo II rules except as follows: on open cockpit car and convertible cars with a functioning top including hardtop convertibles; a minimum of 1 main hoop is required and must be attached to either the floor board behind the front seat(s) or attached to the top of the “B” pillar and be made from one contiguous tube. There must also be 2, one per side, “support” bars attached to the main hoop at or above the point half way between the floor board and the top of the main hoop as measured from the bottom top most part of the main hoop. SSCC requirements for tubing material and inspection hole coincides with current SCCA material weight requirements, and inspection hole location. SSCC decision is final with regards to the legality of an individual’s roll bar. Roll bars such as “pop-up” and “vanity” bars are not legal.

Self Tech

"Self Tech" is available to participants who were club members the previous year. You will have your car teched by our tech inspectors the first time you come to our track during a new season and after that you’ll get your tech sheet at registration and will be responsible for teching your own car. You’ll sign off on the tech form just like tech inspectors do to show that you verified your car is safe and race ready. You’ll be given a “self tech” sticker to put in a visible place easily seen by the starter and gird workers. Of course we do reserve the right to inspect your car at any time or revoke the “self tech” privilege. Self tech applies only to the car and driver combination that was given the self tech privilege. If a driver plans to drive a car that has not yet been teched the current year by our tech inspectors, the car must pass tech as any other new car. Likewise if a self teched car has been sold or loaned to a driver that did not qualify for self tech, the car must be teched by our tech inspectors.